Sport Liquid Bottle Holder & First Aid Carrier
Sport Liquid Bottle Holder & First Aid Carrier
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The Magic Bucket Insert was first developed to fit the needs of local youth hockey teams.  Coaches needed a better solution for carrying water bottles and pucks in a 5 gallon bucket that teams typically use. 

The Magic Bucket Insert allows hockey teams to save time and energy by combining a water bottle holder with a 5 gallon bucket to hold hockey pucks.  No more water spilled at the bottom of the bucket from damaged bottles!  The water bottles remain upright and can be easily removed from the bucket using the handle at the top of the insert.

Other sports teams can also enjoy this new product.  Think about how the Magic Bucket Insert can work for your team!  Store tennis balls, baseballs, or lacrosse balls in the 5 gallon bucket at the same time you carry your water bottles.